Green Certificates Romania Changes In Legislation Primaire Tabs

From  january 2014  we have 3 green certificates for solar projects in Romania.

New subisdies for 2014-2020 in Romania for agriculture

10, 2013, No. 45

Solar projects for sale romania

1.    20131002
Covasna county: 2.9 MW

Investment in Romanian Agriculture - investeren in landbouw in Roemenie

Presentation investment in romanian agriculture and real estate - brussels 19 November 2013

Business Incubators: We Build Your Business

Our business incubators serve as a launching platform for young and small businesses. Start-ups, which are dynamic entities need support and our incubators are providing this support.

Renewable Energy Report Romania Edition October 2013

Nr. 02/2013 October

1.      Opportunities and projects renewable energy Romania

Transportfirma In Roemenie - Transport Company Romania

  Daily pay expenses deduction according to law 168 of 2013


Law no. 68/2013 published in the Romanian Official Gazette 310 of May 29th, 2013, revoked the provisions that limit the right to deduct daily pay within the limit of 2,5 times the legal limit fixed for public institutions, namely art. 21 paragraph (3) letter b of Fiscal Code. The elimination was necessary for allowing the full deduction of expenses with the daily pay offered to employees in case this limit is exceeded.

Turn Key Solar Projects In Romania For Sale - Solar Projects Romania

We have 3 turn key solar plants for sale in Romania.

1 PV plant of 4.5 MW*

New legislation on green certificates in Romania - postsponememt rules of green certificates

ANRE (energy market regulator) amended rules for issuing green certificates starting from 1 July. The Government Ordinance diminishes support for green energy. The Ordinance establishes postsponement for three years and a half, with a green certificate per MWh for wind power and small hydro and 2 pc green tax certificate the centrals MWh for PV. In this new regulation, ANRE comes with an important clarification to clarify the postponement certificates.

New provisions on the de minimis schemes available for investments made by SMEs

Government Decision no. 453/10.07.2013 (“GD 453/2013”) on amending and supplementing the appendix to Government Decision no. 274/2013 on granting de minimis state aid for investments made by small and medium enterprises (“GD 274/2013”) has been published. 

GD 453/2013 introduces the following main amendments:

Industrial Building Arad For Sale Or Rent

20130909 Industrial building Arad for sale or rent

Building: 1.228m ² built
Developed area:  9.380m ²
TOTAL:   10.680m ²

New call for projects under Measure 121 of PNDR – investments in (family) farms

APDRP (Paying Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries) has announced the launching of a new call for projects under Measure 121 of the National Rural Development Programme (PNDR). This new session will start on June 25 and will close on July 31, 2013. Some 50 million euro are available for investments in (smaller family) farms, with economic size of 2-50 ESU, the maximum grant being 50,000 euro for projects with a maximun eligible value of 125,000 euro.

How will the new Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 look like?

The National Programme for Rural Development (PNDR) 2014-2020 will have a smaller number of measures than the previous one, and accessing them will be easier, as promised by Nicolae Popa, deputy director of APDRP paying agency. The new PNDR should be finished by the end of this year and it should be better than the previous one, given that one must learn from the mistakes and dissatisfactions of the past years.

Over EUR 44 million to be invested in Constanta Port upgrade

Upgrading infrastructure works worth more than 44 million euros (over RON 200 million) will be conducted at Constanta Port, following a decision taken by the Government on June 12. "The finalization of the intervention works will increase the safety of port operations and stability of docks in the south of the port and it will increase the capacity of Constanta Port, in general.

Establishing a Romanian road transport company

“We help investors to create their company, register their trucks, we file for the transport licence and select the personal for the trucks.

Romania's land could be an important source for implementation of biomass projects

Bucharest, May 15 / Agerpres / - Romania's arid land could be an excellent source for biomass projects, and our goal is that, by 2016, to implement 350 biomass installations that can create over 10,000 jobs throughout the country, said in a press conference, Ilias Papageorgiadis, President of the Romanian Association of Biomass and Bio-gas ARBIO. "The category of unproductive land, the so-called fallow land, can be an excellent source for biomass projects across the country, while it cannot anyway be valued as agricultural land.

142 km of motorway due for delivery this year

A total stretch of 142 kilometers of motorway will be opened to traffic this year, with the first delivery due this May, on the Deva-Orastie segment (northwest of Bucharest, Hunedoara County), which is part of Corridor IV, Minister-delegate for infrastructure Projects of National Interest Dan Sova told the ProTV broadcaster on May 12.

The Romanian microenterprise turnover tax: the new rules 3% taxes

March 2013 was a very busy month for Romanian microenterprises. “Regular” companies switching to “microenterprises” under the new tax rules in force as of 1 February 2013 had to notify the change in their applicable tax regime by the 25th of March and also to submit a corporate income tax return for their profit obtained during the year 2012.

Ready to build solar projects in Romania


a) Urziceni- 9,2 MW, land rent , price 160 000 euro/MW

b) Garbovi - 2.67 MW, land rent , price160 000 euro/MW

c) frasinet - 12,5 MW, land included, pret 160 000 euro/MW

d) Ianca 1,- 9,5 MW, land rent, pret 160 000 euro/MW

e) Ianca 2,- 7,7 MW, land rent, pret 160 000 euro/MW

f)  Scornicesti - 3,5 MW, land rent, pret 160 000 euro/MW

For sale solar project 2.6 MWp in Dolj county Romania FJ017

Size (system capacity): 3.26 MW
Output: 2.605 MW
Annual Irradiation (PVGIS): 1440 KWh/M2
Authorization & Connection Status
Project Type: Ground based Solar Plant
PV System Type: Poly Cristal (can be changed)
Stage: Partially Permitted
Completion Date: N/A
Connection Date: Within 2-3 Month
Permissions still to be obtained: BP
Taxes still to be paid: € 49.500

For sale solar project romania Gorj province 20MW FJ010

A solar project of 20 MW in the province of Gorj near Tirgu Jiu on a surface of 52 hectares of land.

The grid feed in is 23.063 Mwh and the specific annual yield is 1.153 kwh/kWp. 


project nr . FJ010 

For sale solar project 5.7 MWp in Teleorman county Romania FJ015

Following permits and authorizations have been issued:

• Urbanism Certificate
• Environmental Terms
• Grid Connection Terms
• All necessary authorizations and positive opinions from authorities and local councils,municipal and regional, are valid in place.
• Building Permit
• Power Purchasing Agreement is concerned, the work for obtaining this has commenced.

Tracking systems with double axis 

Business center romania buzau

Buzau a central location. The city of Buzău (Romanian pronunciation: [buˈzəw]) is the county seat of Buzău County, Romania, in the historical region of Wallachia. It lies near the right bank of the Buzău River, between the south-eastern curvature of the Carpathian Mountains and the lowlands of Bărăgan Plain. It is close to the capital Bucharest (120 km) and close to the Black Sea and Brasov, Pitesti and Ploiesti. Buzău is an important modern city in south-eastern Romania.

Report on the waste sector in Romania 2012

For the implementation in 8 development regions of the National Waste Management

Plan, Regional Waste Management Plans (RWMP) have been issued, with a view to

Taxes on the renumeration of administrators in Romania in 2012 - a tax friendly system

Romania offers a tax friendly renumeration system for administrators. They can be Romanian citizens , European citizens or any other nationality. The law changed in 2011 and we present a calculation model for 2012.

Tax regime after G.E.O. no. 125/2011

Agriculture land romania 1000 hectare, 2000 hectare - 4600 hectare in Calarasi, 7427 hectare in Olt and 2959 hectare in Tulcea

Concessions with agricultural land for sale in Romania up to 49 years


625. some 4600 hectare compact 100%, cernozium class 1, irrigation - looking for a joint venture in the field of rebewable energy or any other proposition

Have a look:


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