Subventions Structural Funds And Instruments For Romania 2014 2020

We have made a presentation on subventions via  structural funds and instruments for romania for the period 2014 2020 based on the data available today.

Agricultural Land Romania - Landbouwgronden Roemenie

Using A Recruitment Agency In Romania For Staffing In Romania

Recruitment and recruitment agencies in Romania

special on agriculture in romania - with a list of land offers

download the offers on agricultural land in romania anexa and open the pdf links for a full presentation

Recruitment company in Romania

For recruitment in Romania look at the Recruitment Factory

They will take care of your needs.

list with agriculture land In romania lijst met landbouwgrond in Roemenie

Agricultural Land In Romania Landbouwgrond Roemenie Mail Frjacobs@Telenet.Be  open the list in the article



Foto Gallery Investment Opportunities And Subventions Romania 2014 2020 - Seminar 5 June 2014, Belgium

Please find the photo gallery of the event investment and subventions Romania 2014 - 2020 in anexa.

Teodorovici Minister of EU Funds: Over three billion to SMEs in the 2014-2020 programming period

Teodorovici Minister of EU Funds: Over three billion to SMEs in the 2014-2020 programming period

Company Formation In Romania Public Limited Company (SA)

Creation of a public limited company (SA) in Romania (societate pe actiuni in romania )

If you invest in Romania, then the limited company is one the options. A joint stock corporation is normally recognized by the use of the words limited incorporated or corporation in its name (Societate pe Actiuni, S.A).

The creation of a public company requires a minimum capital of the Romanian equivalent of 90000 RON. At the day of the creation at least 30% of the social capital is paid and if it is a creation by public subscription then this percentage increased to 50%.

Structural Funds Romania 2014 2020

"I emphasize that Romania does not register any delay in submission of the proposal by the Partnership, the deadline set by EU regulation is April 22, 2014" added Eugen Teodorovi

The National Rural Development Programme In Romania (RDP) 2014-2020

Substantiation selected needs to be covered by the rural development strategy in Romania 2014 2020 and selecting objectives, priorities and areas of intervention based on SWOT analysis and needs analysis.

Bijna 40 Miljard Euro Voor EU-Fondsen In Roemenie 2014-2020

Bijna 40 Miljard Euro Voor EU-Fondsen In Roemenie In De Periode  2014-2020


Subventions Agriculture Romania 2014 2020 PNDR

Romania' S Rural Development Strategy 2014-2020 PNDR Subventions For Agriculture In Romania

Report Retail, Investments And Construction Romania March 2014

Report On Retail, Investments And Construction Romania 2014

Renewable Energy Productionin Romania - All-Time Record Last Year

The renewable energy production reached a record figure at the end of last year, when the total capacity of the projects in the grid exceeded 3,757 MW, 60 per cent higher than in late 2012, according to data released by Transelectrica, Agerpres informs.

Romania’s President Asks For Re-Examination Of Bill Deferring Green Certificates

Romanian President Traian Basescu asked the Parliament to re-examine the law approving the government emergency ordinance no.57/2013, which defers some green certificates for renewable producers, claiming the European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, was not prenotified regarding the legal changes.

Green Certificates Romania Changes In Legislation Primaire Tabs

From  january 2014  we have 3 green certificates for solar projects in Romania.

New subisdies for 2014-2020 in Romania for agriculture

10, 2013, No. 45

Investment in Romanian Agriculture - investeren in landbouw in Roemenie

Presentation investment in romanian agriculture and real estate - brussels 19 November 2013

Business Incubators: We Build Your Business

Our business incubators serve as a launching platform for young and small businesses. Start-ups, which are dynamic entities need support and our incubators are providing this support.

Renewable Energy Report Romania Edition October 2013

Nr. 02/2013 October

1.      Opportunities and projects renewable energy Romania

Transportfirma In Roemenie - Transport Company Romania

  Daily pay expenses deduction according to law 168 of 2013


Law no. 68/2013 published in the Romanian Official Gazette 310 of May 29th, 2013, revoked the provisions that limit the right to deduct daily pay within the limit of 2,5 times the legal limit fixed for public institutions, namely art. 21 paragraph (3) letter b of Fiscal Code. The elimination was necessary for allowing the full deduction of expenses with the daily pay offered to employees in case this limit is exceeded.

New legislation on green certificates in Romania - postsponememt rules of green certificates

ANRE (energy market regulator) amended rules for issuing green certificates starting from 1 July. The Government Ordinance diminishes support for green energy. The Ordinance establishes postsponement for three years and a half, with a green certificate per MWh for wind power and small hydro and 2 pc green tax certificate the centrals MWh for PV. In this new regulation, ANRE comes with an important clarification to clarify the postponement certificates.

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