Nr. 05/2010

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1.      Hire Romanian workers & drivers and earn 1000 Euro/per worker/per month

2.      Retail & logistics in Romania in 2010

Limited Liability Company (LTD) in Romania - societate cu raspundere limitata (SRL) in Romania

Limited Liability Company (LTD) in Romania - societate cu raspundere limitata (SRL) in Romania

You do not need to travel ! 

You can have your own Rumanian SRL without having to move.

We establish it from Belgium by proxy, which saves you enormous relocation expenses.

La mejor inversión de producción (de 2 a X veces más alto que el capital inicial) en Rumania

El concepto

La mejor inversión que se puede dar en Rumanía es invertir en terrenos agrícolas y convertirlas en tierras para la construcción.

Las inversiones que se encuentran al principio de la cadena de valores tienen un mayor potencial que las más maduras. Sin embargo, se dice que las primeras poseen un mayor riesgo, aunque esto es solamente verdadero en parte.

Bestes Investment mit hoher Rendite (das 2- bis X - Fache des ursprünglichen Kapitals) in Rumanien

Das Konzept

Die beste Möglichkeit, mit hoher Rendite in Rumänien zu investieren ist ein Investment in bisher ackerbaulich genutztes Land, um es in Bauland zu verwandeln.

Investments ganz früh in der Wertekette besitzen ein viel höheres Potenzial als bereits weiter gereifte Möglichkeiten. Natürlich überlegt man es sich intuitiv, dass solch ein früherer Einstieg auch das höhere Risiko bedeutet. Das stimmt aber nur teilweise.

Roemeense vennootschap oprichten Roemeense firma BV BVBA oprichten

De SRL kan voor 100 procent in buitenlandse handen zijn. Ook de bestuurders mogen van buitenlandse afkomst zijn. Het aantal deelnemers in een SRL is minimaal een en maximaal vijftig. Een enig aandeelhouder mag niet in meer dan één SRL enig aandeelhouder zijn. Ook de eenmanszaak komt als SRL in Roemenië veelvuldig voor. De kapitaalinbreng kan zowel in geld als in natura worden gedaan en bedraagt minimaal 200 lei (ongeveer 50 euro, koers december 2009). De oprichting van een SRL vindt plaats op basis van de statuten.

Lead generating by the Belgian Romanian Chamber for more business in 2010

Romania: Lead generating by the Belgian Romanian Chamber might be something for you?

"Lead Management is a term used in general business practice to describe methodologies, systems, and practices designed to generate new potential business clientele, generally operated through a variety of marketing techniques. These processes are designed for business-to-business and direct-to-consumer strategies. Lead management is in many cases a precursor to sales management and customer relationship management. "

New business club in Brussels: Romania Belgium business club

Cibr and ten other founding partners have been involved as a member of the steering committee in the creation of a new busienss platform in Brussels.. The launch of the new networking platform is on 16 November in Brussels.

The CEO - Brussels Enterprises, Commerce and Industry, Mr. Olivier WILLOCX

The Secretary of State - Ministry for SMEs, Trade and Business Environment, Mrs. Maria PÂRCALABESCU ,

The Ambassador of Romania to Belgium, H.E. Mr. Ovidiu DRANGA

have the pleasure to invite you to an


Romanian environment and water: opportunities for 2009-2013

The Romanian environment and water sectors are currently undergoing reform. The Government, through the

Minimis aid for companies: 555/10.08.2009

Development and modernisation of enterprises

One of our founding partners became ambassador for the Vlerick Alumni in Romania

Dear networkers,

Freddy Jacobs one of our founding partners has been nominated as "ambassador for the Vlerick Alumni to Romania". The Vlerick School is a top 10 managementschool in the world. 

The ones that adapt first will be the winners in the market after the crisis

“So the owner of the land will receive money when he understands that the real value  is 30%-40%  smaller than last year, but the amount received will allow him to buy another property, or to make other investments, also 30%cheaper, the market has chance of restarting….. “

Embassies & Consulates in Bucharest and Romania

This list is presented by Freddy M.E. Jacobs president Camera Imobilaira Belgia Romanai and founding partner of Belgian Connection. It is intended to be used as a working document to invite the other communities. 


Romanian postal codes

If you are looking for a Romanian postal code try this link:

Have fun

Freddy M.E. Jacobs



Do last years fundamentals still hold true for Romanian property ?

While there are few people who would have seen the recent property revolution happening in Romania there is no doubting that the last few years have made many people a great deal of money. 

Locals, developers and foreign investors have all had a hand in the rise and rise of Romanian property, but has it all come to an end?

Or do the fundamentals of last year still hold strong?

Pigs in Romania

50% of the investment in the pig sector procurement can obtained as a non-refundable funds. This article is intended to create a clear picture of the current situation in Romania anno 2008. In 2003, we have tried to bring larger investors but it was too early. today it is the right time. The non-refundable grants are given till the end of 2013.

Political map romania 2 December 2008

1. General political map - parliament elections 30 November 2008 

PD-L, PSD, PNL si UDMR, cele patru partide care au reusit sa intre in Parlament, au colorat harta politica a Romaniei in portocaliu, rosu, albastru si verde.

PD-L orange - PSD red - PNL bleu - UDMR green

Poienaru: Romania can only be competetive in agriculture

This article is presented by freddy jacobs, managing director -

When I read the ZF this week then I could not resist and I had to present you the following article as we deal with many large scale agricultural projects at this moment. 

October 28, 2008 – discussion on the impact of the financial crisis in and on Romania at a BC event

With some 20 invitees for the wine tasting event organized by the Belgian Connection on October 28, the atmosphere was intimate both during the wine tasting, presented by prof. Boboc with wines generously sponsored by Metro, and afterwards during the dinner assembled by Novotel.

On the margin of the crisis in Romania – pe marginea crizei

“In this article Freddy M.E. Jacobs, the president of the Belgian Romanian real estate chamber gives his ideas on the current crisis and situation in Romania.”

While doing the maintenance of the website of the business club that I have created in Bucharest I found that it is time to give some reflections on the current crisis.

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