Testimonial from his Excellency Jaap Werner, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Romania

I was grateful to receive an early invitation from the 'Belgian Connection'. The new and aspiring business club strikes me as a modern and open community of able business people, who take an interest in doing business, but also in making their personal best of their stay in Romania.

I believe that is the best, and in fact the only, recipe for success in this challenging country. 

As representative of the Netherlands, which has a marked economic footprint in Romania already for some time, I am pleased to note the open attitude of our Belgian friends, also here in Romania. I believe it opens up multiple opportunities for working together. And for drinking together. Not only business, also culture and language. There is more that we share than we are sometimes willing to admit.

With a positive mind set, geared at promoting synergy between our countries where possible, I believe we can accomplish, and enjoy, a lot, also here in Romania.

All the best to the Belgian Connection.

Jaap Werner

Ambassador of the Netherlands in Romania

November 2008