Conversion program in horticulture has provided total funding of 260 million euros in the new RDP 2014-2020, of which an amount of EUR 40 million will be allocated to processing and marketing of products obtained.

"The new National Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014-2020 have marked 220 million euros for the modernization and conversion of orchards and another 40 million for the processing and marketing of products obtained. The program is part of the measure investment in physical assets, the formal measure 121 from the current RDP, which will open in May of this year. Sub-measure for orchard will be open but only when we have approval and will appear on the RDP user", said Agerpres Secretary of State for Agriculture, Daniel Botănoiu.

By sub-program of the new RDP 2014-2020 orchards will be rehabilitated around 35,000 hectares of orchards. MARD has proposed that by 2020, Romania to reach an area of ​​200,000 hectares of orchards, from about 140,000 hectares now, of which 60,000 hectares are in decline.

In the past five years, the area under orchards has declined sharply, from 207,000 hectares to 142,200 hectares currently occupied only. Lack of investment in the field has brought many orchards in decline and decay. As a result, the production of the fruit followed by the same route downward, while exports increased. The total fruit production in 2012 was about 1.2 million tons, the most important being the production of apples - 435 414 tons and tons of plums - 424,000 tons. Domestic production provides 70% of the consumption estimated at 1.4 million tons