The National Rural Development Programme In Romania (RDP) 2014-2020

Substantiation selected needs to be covered by the rural development strategy in Romania 2014 2020 and selecting objectives, priorities and areas of intervention based on SWOT analysis and needs analysis.

Romania is facing challenges in achieving economic and social potential of the agro-food sector. The SWOT analysis shows that rural records high deficiencies, which is characterized by: persistent structural weaknesses; low level of entrepreneurial activity and added value, with activities that require intensive labor input, especially in (semi-) subsistence agriculture; low export orientation; low investment and insufficient demand-driven in research and development sector; access to services and infrastructure far below urban; regional disparities increasingly higher; a large share of the population at risk of poverty and social exclusion, and a number of environmental and manmade risks, exacerbated by climate change, which is a threat to rural areas and all the country.

The National Rural Development Programme in Romania (RDP) 2014-2020 represents a real opportunity to address the weak points, based on the consolidation of the strong points of the sector and on the progress made by the National Rural Development Programme in Romania RDP 2007-2013. There were significant improvements in 2007-2013, especially on a better integration of producers and processors in the agri-food chain, the next generation of farmers, implementation of practices and environmentally friendly investments, diversified local economies and local infrastructure.

The National Rural Development Programme in Romania  RDP 2014-2020 will address the following strategic priorities: i) structural change and competitiveness of the agri-food sector; ii) natural resources management; iii) balanced local rural development, in accordance with the Partnership Agreement. These priorities are linked to the strategic objectives defined by the Common Agricultural Policy and Strategy 2020.

Specific needs identified by the SWOT analysis and stakeholder consultation process, will be addressed through actions carried out within the six priorities for the FEADR. The support will be directed to the actions with the highest impact on the objectives.

Structural change and competitiveness of the agri-food sector

The overall objective identified for this strategic area is: Accelerate the restructuring process of small and medium farms and turn them into economically viable farms and improving the economic performance of farms and processing sector to increase market integration of quality products for import substitution.

Natural resources management

The overall objective identified for this strategic area is: Maintaining and improving the quality of the natural environment through sustainable management of natural resources and climate change.

Balanced territorial development

The overall objective identified for this strategic area is: Diversification of economic activities, creating jobs, improving infrastructure and services in order to improve the quality of life in rural areas.

The National Rural Development Programme in Romania for 2014-2020 contribute to smart growth by providing support for cooperation between research institutions and farmers and other actors of the rural economy and supporting component training, skills and information dissemination. Also RDP have in view a sustainable growth with an emphasis on lowering carbon emissions and supporting environmentally friendly farming practices. Finally, support for investment in infrastructure and rural economy reduce poverty and create jobs in rural areas, contributing to a favorable growth.