Limited Liability Company (LTD) in Romania - societate cu raspundere limitata (SRL) in Romania

Limited Liability Company (LTD) in Romania - societate cu raspundere limitata (SRL) in Romania

You do not need to travel ! 

You can have your own Rumanian SRL without having to move.

We establish it from Belgium by proxy, which saves you enormous relocation expenses.

We make the constitutive act (or bylaws) according to your needs - tailor made and we make sure that you are ready for EU subventions as they have 32 billion Euro until 2013 (non-refundable grants).

You will only arrive in Rumania when your S.R.L. is ready for operation.

We will reserve your unique company name within seven working days.

We will arrange a reliable accountant at discounted fees.

We will look after all translation work. The notary is at walking distance from our office in Belgium.

We will help you with the selection and introduction of your bank and with the arrangement of your accounts.

We arrange any hosting the way you desire (post box, apartment, villa, office etc...). This will be billed separately, but we will see that you get a hosting in the S.R.L. name.

We will give you practical support regarding activating your company i.e. an operating account and an active VAT number.

You will save on travelling costs and you will suffer no loss of time.

We offer the same service throughout Rumania at a fixed all-in price.


- the company needs to have at least one shareholder. There are maximum 50 shareholders.
- A company with a sole shareholder is allowed

Some details:

- the registered capital: minimum 200 RON (around 55€)
- the registered capital can be deposited as cash or in kind
- the registered capital is divided in equal shares (of minimum 10 RON)
- the shares can be transmitted unconditionally among shareholders
- the shares can be transmitted to third parties only by sale. 
- each share represents a vote in the general assembly of shareholders
- the LTD is responsible before the law only with its own goods.
- the decisions of the LTD are taken by the general assembly of shareholders (AGA)
- in the decision taking process, it is necessary the shareholders' absolute sustenance and that of the shares.

- the administrator of the LTD is nominated by the AGA or is stipulated in the incorporation papers
- the LTD can have more administrators
- any of the shareholders can be also administrator

You do not need to travel !

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