Business Opportunities Romania - Business Opportuniteiten In Romania

We cover three main sections for lead generation

  1. Construction & infrastructure (example 22 qualified  leads in February 2010 -  crisis ?)
  2. Waste water, water and polluted soils
  3. Renewable energy, solar panels, bio mass, wind energy

The chamber generates lead for the supplier, experts and engineers that are member of the chamber.

Two people are screening the market to identify and they write tailor made leads that come with a short memo on the lead event and a company profile with contact data. Easy….

We give you a summary of the project, the people and organizations behind it, the company data if it si a company and actual project people or ceo’s and shareholders. You make the initial contact. When you fail we make the initial contact for you and you proceed from this point.

You should do something with the leads that are generated by the chamber.. mail us at for more information and membership.

The leads for July 2013 are in attachment

LEADS July 2013-update 30.07.pdf226.25 KB