From 2011 you can create a BVBA in Belgium with 1 Euro of capital

The minimum capital should be only 1 euro and capital must be raised only after five years.

The federal Cabinet has recently approved a draft Bill to introduce a new type of company. It is a private company with limited liability for starters, also called the Starter Bvba. The minimum capital is only 1 euro and is "tailored to young people who wish to start a business but lack the necessary capital, and for pensioners who wish to remain active and additional income for their retirement needs to add".

The creation of Bvba Starter is subject to certain conditions:

- The minimum capital is EUR 1;
- After more than five years of capital shall be increased;
- A financial plan prepared under the supervision of an expert from the figure occupations (accountant, auditor, etc.) to early failure due to lack of experience prevented.

By comparison, before a notary may set up a simple BVBA, there must be at least € 6.200 (€ 12.400 if you are single) to the account of that "BVBA creation 'stand. That is the minimum pay up part of the promised (so-called issued) capital (minimum € 18.550).

Is joint and several liability a problem? Not really.

For the founders of some S-BVBA first three years subject to the same rules around the so-called founder liability for ordinary BVBA. If the financial plan is drawn up correctly, this is not something immediately to sleep through the night. Furthermore, your liability as a partner the first five years is limited to € 18.550.

You walk around with S-BVBA ie not immediately more risk than if you would start with a simple BVBA.

Attention! At the latest five years after its establishment, the S-BVBA be converted into an ordinary BVBA, with a minimum subscribed capital is € 18.550.

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