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1. Romanian companies for sale - 1000 Euro for the shares
2. How to get green certificates in Romania for renewable energy projects
3. Bio - landbouw in Roemenie een opportuniteit
4. Investments in agriculture land in Romania
5. How to create a company in Romania
6. Business centre in Buzau
7. How to invest in real estate toppers -> several plots agriculture, logistics, industrial and a logistic complex for sales with tenants 100% rented

logiplan report on logistics and retail in romania - romania logistic operators 2012


1. Cabotage for Romanian truckers from 1 january 2012

2. Romania retail report Q2 2012

3. Presentation of the Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber

4. Market intelligence - news on logistics and retail

5. How to employ Romanian workers & drivers and earn 1000 Euro/per worker/per month

6. How to create a Romanian Company

Establishing a Romanian road transport company


"We help investors to create their company, register their trucks, we file for the transport licence and select the personal for the trucks. We keep close contact with the transport ministry and the transport federations In Romania."

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To establish a Romanian road transport company we identify and execute several steps to be followed. These are:

1. Incorporating the company with the National Trade Register Office,

report on the romanian construction sector 2012

1.  Romania construction sector Q2 report 2012

2.  Presentation of the Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber

3.  Market intelligence - news on logistics and retail constrcution

4.  How to employ Romanian workers & drivers and earn 1000 Euro/per worker/per month with outsourcing

5.  How to create a Romanian Company

6.  Available plots for logistic investments in Romania

7.  Logistic and business center for sale in Bucharest , Romania

Agriculture land romania 1000 hectare, 2000 hectare - 4600 hectare in Calarasi, 7427 hectare in Olt and 2959 hectare in Tulcea

Concessions with agricultural land for sale in Romania up to 49 years


625. some 4600 hectare compact 100%, cernozium class 1, irrigation - looking for a joint venture in the field of rebewable energy or any other proposition

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Taxes on the renumeration of administrators in Romania in 2012 - a tax friendly system

Romania offers a tax friendly renumeration system for administrators. They can be Romanian citizens , European citizens or any other nationality. The law changed in 2011 and we present a calculation model for 2012.

Tax regime after G.E.O. no. 125/2011

Report on the waste sector in Romania 2012

For the implementation in 8 development regions of the National Waste Management

Plan, Regional Waste Management Plans (RWMP) have been issued, with a view to

Business center romania buzau

Buzau a central location. The city of Buzău (Romanian pronunciation: [buˈzəw]) is the county seat of Buzău County, Romania, in the historical region of Wallachia. It lies near the right bank of the Buzău River, between the south-eastern curvature of the Carpathian Mountains and the lowlands of Bărăgan Plain. It is close to the capital Bucharest (120 km) and close to the Black Sea and Brasov, Pitesti and Ploiesti. Buzău is an important modern city in south-eastern Romania.

Expat and Expat Services by ing bank

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Ambasadorul Belgiei, la inaugurarea primei investiţii străine la Mărăcineni , Buzau

Este vorba despre un centru de afaceri româno-belgian

Ambasadorul Belgiei în România, Philippe Beke, a participat, ieri, la Buzău, la inaugurarea primului centru de afaceri româno-belgian din judeţ. La eveniment au luat parte şi reprezentanţi ai autorităţilor locale, centrul fiind dezvoltat de Filip Verschelde, cel care îl deţine de altfel, şi Freddy Jacobs, preşedintele Camerei Imobiliare Belgia – România.