In house recruitment by an interim manager: key advantages part 1

Part 1 - 20181009

Technology as the major influence factor

Seminarie ‘EU-fondsen voor Bulgarije en Roemenië’

Kom te weten hoe u voordeel kan halen uit de EU-fondsen voor Bulgarije en Roemenië!

Survey recruitment trends in 2019

Some things to consider….as we are close to 2019. Some points can be converted in actions or strategies. You can ask yourself some questions as you start the new recruiting year:

The tax rate for a micro enterprise with one full-time employee amounts to 1% in Romania

The revenue threshold of a micro enterprise will be EUR 1 million, from
January 1, 2018. The tax rate for a micro enterprise, with one full-time
employee, amounts to 1%, whereas the tax rate for micro enterprises with no employees
reaches 3%.